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Inbound marketing is a phrase that refers to the process that online marketers use to find prospects for their businesses. It utilizes informational content that is published in various media including blogs, social media, articles, and web pages. The idea is to attract prospects through a variety of channels that appeal to their interests rather than focusing on begging or buying their attention through direct advertising or interrupting them to make a sales pitch.

As more and more people go online to play on Facebook or search for information – even build a website for their business – they are coming into contact with this term “inbound marketing.”

The whole point is to provide information that people are searching for. That information should help them in some way. When it does, the searcher makes a point to return to the source of information for more great content on their topic of interest. As they come to recognize you as an expert in that area, they learn to trust you. Then they are more willing to do business with you.

Two questions: 1) Does it work; and 2) is it on the rise?

To answer the first question, Yes. It does work. In fact, it’s worked for the past 20 years. Inbound marketing is the wave of the future.

Now, for the second question. Is inbound marketing on the rise? I believe it is. More and more, small businesses and other online marketers are discovering that producing quality content that attracts searchers and prospective customers is leading to conversions. In fact, those conversions end up being more profitable and lead to longer relationships with customers. It’s one more reason to start your own inbound marketing strategy.

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