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What will Internet marketing look like in 2032, twenty years from now? Care to take a guess?

If you look at the history of Internet marketing from the beginning of the World Wide Web until now, it’s very interesting how we have progressed to the point that we have.

  • 1990 – Birth of the World Wide Web including browsers and hypertext, online bulletin boards are very popular communication channels
  • 1993 – Excite, the world’s first search engine, was created
  • 1994 – AltaVista was created and later would become the world’s first major search engine; Yahoo! became the first powerhouse Web directory
  • 1995 – GeoCities launched, becomes the first successful online community; webrings begin to rise in popularity
  • 1997 – SixDegrees is the first official social network
  • 1998 – Google was born, the first search engine to analyze back links
  • 1999 – Overture became the first company to offer pay per click advertising; launches
  • 2000 – Google enters PPC market with Google AdWords
  • 2003 – Google AdSense program starts, increasing Google’s hold on the PPC market; LinkedIn and MySpace both launch
  • 2004 – Facebook is created
  • 2005 – YouTube launches; Google introduces personalized search
  • 2006 – MicroSoft LiveSearc started; Twitter launches
  • 2007 – Mobile marketing starts to pick up
  • 2008 – Facebook becomes most popular social network
  • 2009 – LiveSearch rebrands, becomes Bing; Google rolls out personalized search for logged out users
  • 2010 – Local search becomes more important
  • 2011 – Google+ launches, Google proclaims it is the future of the search engine’s search and social product

This is a very sketchy history of Internet marketing, but it can shed some light on the direction that online marketing is going. More personal, more local, more social, more mobile, and incorporating more video and visual results. So what will all of that look like in 2032?

Truthfully, it’s anybody’s guess, but if I had to hazard a guess I would say that all of these components of search will be more integrated and more sophisticated. Are you preparing your company to make the most of your opportunities in each of these online marketing channels?

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