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Marketing Pilgrim writes that even though small business owners are talking about social media marketing, they’re not really running campaigns that are integrated with their other marketing programs. In fact, these marketing campaigns, along with blogs and microblogs, are “in the silo”.

The silo is a term used to describe a marketing tactic that is not a part of one’s overall marketing program. It is in fact standing out on its own.

The obvious question here is, Why are marketers not integrating their blogs, microblogs and social media campaigns into their traditional marketing efforts? Are these programs seen as separate, or different, than traditional marketing? Is it because the small business owners don’t really see the connection?

Whatever the case might be, it is important to consider that your marketing efforts will be much more effective if you integrate your online and your off line marketing rather than put your Internet marketing into a silo. You want your company to speak with one voice. It can’t do that if it’s living in the silo.

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