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No two websites are the same. And no two marketing strategies are the same either. Internet marketing is not a one-size-fits-all formula designed to make every website follow the same pattern and get the same results. Your marketing strategy should be as unique and customized as your web design. If it isn’t then it will likely fail.

Internet marketing is more like a bag of tricks. Not “tricks” in a negative sense, but more in the way of a performer with a myriad of costumes. One costume is designed for a certain type of production and another costume for something else. Your job is to figure out which costume to where for each scene.

Your marketing strategies are the costumes. Should you engage in article marketing or video marketing? Social media marketing or pay per click? These are decisions that every Internet marketer must make every day. And they don’t get easier.

When you’re ready to plan your Internet marketing strategy, set your goals and use the tactics that will best move you forward to those goals – not someone else’s.

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