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Frank Reed (on Marketing Pilgrim) has a tongue-in-cheek look at the supposed future death of email and all that it entails. There are a lot of valid points in what he says, however, the online world is a roller coaster world with various channels becoming popular before falling from grace. In fact, email marketing has already been through one major downturn and has only just recovered and become acceptable again over the last year or two.

Is it doomed, though? According to statistics, most definitely. Our youth are not taking to email at all, preferring instead the instant gratification found in text messages, social media, and instant messaging. That, however, does not really signify the passing of one technology; rather, it will mean that in the future it may be harder to acquire these email addresses.

There is one side of the email/social media argument that always strikes me as odd – most social media sites require their users to have valid email addresses. At present, you can’t have social media without email. I am sure they will get around that in the future. Of course, having an email address and actually using it is another matter. I also wonder how many young people answer these surveys honestly – to them, it’s ‘uncool’ to use email, yet many rely on email to receive social media notifications.

If email marketing is part of your online marketing strategy and it continues to deliver results, then I wouldn’t be panicking just yet. Email has plenty of life left in it as has email marketing. In fact, for many businesses, being able to closely target their customers with preferred offers makes this channel a much more profitable one than many others.

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