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A while back, content curation caught on and for a couple of months that all I heard people talking about. The noise seems to have died down now. Fewer people are talking about it, so the newness of the idea must have worn off. The novelty is gone. The sparkle has disappeared.

Does that mean that content curation is worthless?

Don’t bet on it. Content curation actually has its place. Very few people use it as their primary business model, but it can easily be implemented into any business model, and it’s cheaper than creating your own content over and over again. It’s not quite as time consuming either, if you do it right.

Content curation is simply using other people’s content in such a way that you encourage your audience to consume it for its value.

With content curation, you are essentially saying that you’re not the only person or company creating content worth reading about your niche topic. You see value in other people’s content. Therefore, so should they. But how does that benefit you?

By recommending other people’s content, you establish yourself as an expert authority in your field. There can be no greater value than being seen as an authority in your niche. Sharing valuable content created by others can do that for you. That alone is reason enough to become a content curator. And we haven’t even talked about SEO.

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