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PageRank has an interesting history. Since Google first introduced it as a measure of trust for websites there have been strong proponents and equally strong opponents. At different times, the strongest proponents have also been the strongest opponents. All in a season, I guess.

Titus Hoskins asks if PageRank is still relevant. Then says yes in answer to his own question.

It really is a good question and I’ve heard Internet marketers argue both sides. There was a time when it was considered the cat’s meow. Everyone fought hard to get the best PageRank possible. So hard, in fact, that some people started acting unethically, selling links for PR. Google penalized those webmasters when they found them, but many webmasters still sell links “under the radar.” I suspect link selling will always be a problem.

That’s why some Internet marketers discount PageRank as irrelevant today. It’s too easy to be gamed, they say. Maybe it is. But as Titus Hoskins says, there still always be people who will judge you on the number Google reports. As long as PageRank is a public metric it will be an important metric – gamed or not.

The problem of PageRank is complicated by its ability to be gamed. But that’s no reason to discount it completely. Look at it, note it, and try to improve it. But don’t let it rule you.

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