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One thing I’ve learned over the years is how to identify where the next spam race is going to take place. When Internet marketers started recommending article marketing, an onslaught of poor and inexpensive articles started trickling in to the article directories. The number of article directories proliferated enormously to the extent that on many of them the only thing you could ever find was crappy articles. Then Google killed the article marketing business.

You could say the same thing about other forms of marketing. The current trend is guest blogging. This new trend is just starting to ramp up to such an extent that we will soon see an algorithm change to specifically address its excesses.

Any time online marketers start to recommend a practice, that’s when your head should go up and take notice. You are about to see a spam trend take root.

The latest Google algorithm change to attract major attention was Hummingbird. This update got a lot of sudden airplay when Google announced that it rolled out the update a month earlier and no one noticed. The search engine seems to be getting better at that. Now, marketers are beginning to predict what Hummingbird means for the rest of us. Along with that comes the various suggestions for the types of content you should implement going forward. One guy is recommending question-answer patterns.

So here’s the question: Does that mean that every SEO is now going to start writing “How to …” articles? If so, then get ready for the How-To Update.

Good online marketers don’t follow trends. They rarely think about starting them either. They focus on doing what is right for their business. That’s what you should do.

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