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When the power went out in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome during the Super Bowl earlier this year, Oreo responded with a realtime marketing message. You can’t buy that kind of opportunity. It just comes.

Which makes me wonder, how does realtime marketing take place? It’s obviously possible, but how do you position yourself to take advantage of it?

First, you should realize that you can’t just do nothing and wait for the opportunity to present itself. If you aren’t actively engaged in the media opportunities you have on a daily basis, then no one is going to listen to you when that magic moment arrives. You’ll just be a voice in the dark.

Real power comes from consistent activity. If you have a daily presence in social media, you blog regularly, and you are engaged with your audience in an ongoing conversation, then you are already poised for the big opportunities that may or may not happen.

In a word, it starts with when you wake up in the morning. Every morning.

Realtime marketing is possible only to online marketers who are present and active all the time. That doesn’t mean you have to sit in front of your computer and tweet all day. What you should do, though, is make sure you engage with somebody every day in some medium. That’s about as realtime as you can get.

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