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Headers have a difficult job. They’ve got to attract attention, but they can’t detract from the rest of the website. Their job is to make an impact, to draw people in, and that’s pretty much it. Well, that and branding. They have to give your website or blog visitor an idea about who you are and what you have to offer.

In other words, your header’s job is to spark an interest. It’s like the carnival barker. Without the carnival.

Unless of course your website is a carnival website (wink, wink).

All kidding aside, what does your header say about your business? Does it confuse your prospect? Do your website visitors show up and ask, “What does this business do?” If so, then it’s time to revise your header. You need a new one.

It’s not a graphics problem. Sure, your graphics department will likely be creating the header, but it’s your marketing department’s job to make sure that all of your communications are in sync – with each other and with your company’s overall vision and mission statements. Your marketing department is responsible for your image and for making sure that your brand is likable.

So ask yourself, “Is my header confusing people? Is it doing its job or did we just throw it together?”

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