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Is it easier marketing to women online? It might very well be if you put stock in some statistics provided by comScore in a recent WebProNews article.

Consider these:

  • 75.8% of all women visited social media sites in May 2010; 69.7% of men did during the same period.
  • Women represent 47.9% of unique visitors to social networking sites yet view 57% of all pages on those sites.
  • Women spend 56.6% of the time on social networking sites.
  • Women average 5.5 hours on social sites per month while men average just 3.9 hours.
  • Women worldwide spend more time on social sites than men and regionally in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.
  • Women spend 8% more time online than men.
  • Globally, women spend 20% more time on retail sites than men.

Considering these figures, it seems that targeting women with your online marketing efforts makes since. While marketing to men can also be a big payoff, if you sell products and services that appeal to women, your chances for success are greater.

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