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No doubt, you’ve heard of Google Authorship. You may have even implemented it. But have you heard of Bing Snapshots?

This is Bing’s answer to Google Authorship.

If you have a Klout account and a LinkedIn account, then you can implement Bing Snapshots. All you have to do is verify your Klout profile and tie it to your LinkedIn account so that when you share information on LinkedIn Klout can measure your influence. Then you can claim your Bing Snapshot at Klout.

Bing has implemented social signals and other “me too” type products after Google before. They haven’t really gained any ground on the search leader after doing so.

Of course, I don’t think many people ever thought they would.

I think it may be a good idea to claim a Bing Snapshot. After all, people do still use the search engine. And it never hurts to make yourself easier to find on any online media page where people are likely to search for you. After all, LinkedIn isn’t the most popular social network, but you likely have a profile there anyway.

It’s relatively easy to claim a Snapshot. And it doesn’t look like it’s a huge commitment to keep it maintained. So it should be painless, if you want one.

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