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Aaron Wall has posted a nice infographic that shows life before the Panda update and what life has been like afterward. I think it’s a fitting infographic for a number of reasons.

First, today marks the 1 year anniversary of the Panda update. That’s reason enough for celebration (or woe, in some cases).

Secondly, the infographic illustrates some hard truths about the Panda update. Here’s a little summary:

  • The Panda update wasn’t just one update. The update was really a series of updates that occurred on average about once a month through the year. That’s very important to understand.
  • Before Panda, relevance was driven largely by links, which angered many journalists who saw themselves producing better content than website that were ranking better. After Panda, the journalists are winning.
  • Most of the sites impacted by Panda were large sites with marketing issues. Smaller sites and brands were unaffected.
  • Important! – The big winners were YouTube, big retail brands, and mainstream media. I think it’s interesting that the mainstream media sites started using bots to write their stories, and those stories are ranking.
  • Another interesting tidbit is that some sites that were hit by Panda recovered by complaining publicly while others went back to the drawing board.

This is an interesting and very telling infographic. You could say that the takeaway here is to complain about Google if you don’t like their search and ranking algorithms. It might not help, but it can’t hurt.

Without further ado, I’ll give you SEO Book’s Panda infographic.

Google Panda Algorithm Infographic

SEM Infographic by SEO Book

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