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Compelling content gets a lot more traction than generic content. Just ask anyone who has converted from generic to name brand content – what is really “unique” and “original” content. Your content.

The big question for most online content providers today is, How do you make your content more compelling? It’s a good question and one that deserves an answer. Here are three ways Reciprocal Consulting has identified to make your online content more compelling.

  1. Address the deepest needs of your audience – Find out what your audience needs and wants the most, then give it to them. That might require some research. There’s nothing wrong with a little competitive intelligence to see what the marketplace needs as long as you follow that up with a dynamite plan.
  2. Be different – In other words, discover your Unique Selling Proposition. What sets you apart from your competition? Find that out and exploit it.
  3. Drive hard and fast to the COA – COA stands for Call to Action. Your readers won’t respond to you if you don’t ask them to. Write great content and end it with a strong call to action. Get your readers to respond to you by ending your content with a link, a buy now button, or anything that requires that they take action. Make it enticing.

Your online content must stand out from the pack or it will go unnoticed. Be compelling, be strong, be engaging.


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