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One of the most important things you need to do as an online marketer is ensure you’re reaching the right audience. Whether you engage in pay per click marketing, social media marketing, or something else, you need to make sure you are targeting the right audience. That’s where personas come in.

Before you even start marketing, you need to develop a list of your target markets. I don’t mean generic lists like “CEOs and small business owners.” I mean, specific narrow personas that you intend to reach through your marketing efforts.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have developed a new technology for airplanes to help them fly more efficiently. Who would be in the market for this technology?

Obviously, you’d market your new technology to major airlines, right? But what about small and regional or private air pilots and airplane owners? If your technology is out of their financial reach, then they may not be in your market, but if it is affordable to them, could they benefit? Does the technology fit specific types of airplanes, such as jet planes or cargo planes? Then perhaps manufacturers of those planes would be your market. Write down the specific person at the company you would speak to about your product if you want to sell it. A short list:

  • Chief production engineer
  • Flight tester
  • Chief executive officer
  • Maintenance chief

For each person on your list, write a bio. What are they interested in? What features and benefits are they most interested in?

Personas are important in marketing because those people who fit those personas are your market. Not all of them will be decision makers. Some of them could be influencers. You still want to speak to them, but before you can know what to say you have to know what they want. That’s why you create personas.

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