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Sometimes it takes a while to see improvements in website traffic. You may go weeks or months before you see any real improvement in your traffic numbers. That’s because it could take that long for other metrics to kick in. Here are 6 important metrics you should measure before you concern yourself with traffic.

  1. Organic listings by keyword – When you start out you don’t have any search engine rankings. It takes time to get those. You should see immediate improvement, however, in the number of keywords for which you do have rankings. Even if you hire a new SEO company after having been in business for a few years, after two or three months you should see a broader range of keywords for which you are ranking in the search engines.
  2. Higher search engine rankings – For those keywords that you do rank for, you should see some improvement in rankings. It may not be much, but it should be something. If you start on page 10 of the SERPs for one of your keywords, you should move up to page nine or eight after awhile. Even a little improvement is better than none.
  3. Number and quality of links – You can always count how many inbound links you’ve earned. Just as important, however, is the quality of those links. Don’t just build a bunch of low-quality links and think you are doing SEO. Focus some of your efforts on obtaining high-quality links, as well.
  4. Social shares – You can always look at how many tweets, retweets, Facebook shares, +1s, and Google+ shares you get. These often translate into more traffic.
  5. Onsite metrics – Putting traffic numbers aside, how many pages on average does the visitor you do get visit once they’ve landed on your site? Furthermore, how much time do they spend on your site? And what is your bounce rate? If these numbers aren’t desirable, you can always put together a strategy to improve them.
  6. Conversion rate – It doesn’t matter if you have 100 unique visitors per month or 10,000 UVs. If the traffic you get isn’t converting, then you have a problem. As you work on generating more traffic, measure your conversion rate along the way.

If you measure the right website metrics from the beginning, then when you do start getting traffic you’ll be in a better position to analyze the effectiveness of that traffic.

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