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Customer loyalty is very important. If you can encourage your customers to come back and do business with you, then you can grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. Many customers already use loyalty cards. In fact, Constant Contact says that the average customer uses their loyalty card every 8 days.

Here are a few other statistics taken from a recent infographic by Constant Contact and CardStar:

  • 73% of consumers use a mobile phone while shopping
  • 3 out of 4 Americans are members of at least one loyalty card program
  • A loyalty card is converted to a mobile app every 8 seconds
  • 93% of the people who use apps while shopping also make purchases at a physical location
  • 30% of CardStar mobile loyalty app users use their cards for grocery shopping and 25% for retail shopping

With more than half of all CardStar mobile loyalty app users scanning their mobile device for purchases at a grocery store or retail store, if you are in the retail business, then it makes sense to have a loyalty card program. If you have one, why not convert it to a mobile app?

Check out the below infographic from Constant Contact and CardStar. Then find out how you can make your mobile app marketing, and your online marketing, more effective with a mobile loyalty offer.

The State of Mobile Loyalty
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