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Cyber Monday sales are up. Surprise!

Sarcasm aside, online sales go up every year for Cyber Monday. But what is fairly new is that mobile sales have gone up the last couple of years. This year they went up 96% from last year and now represent 13% of total sales on Cyber Monday.

I think this can be attributed to only one thing – an increase in smartphone sales.

More people are buying smartphones all the time. Since this time last year smartphone sales have gone up tremendously. I don’t see this changing. I think more people will probably get a smartphone for Christmas. Those who don’t will likely get their own before Christmas next year. More people using smartphones, and tablets, only means more potential shoppers for Christmas. It’s a chain reaction.

This illustrates the growing importance of mobile marketing. I think mobile marketing is going to increase in popularity and effectiveness in the next few years. Social media is still effective if you do it the right way, but mobile marketing is more like traditional online marketing. It’s simply done on a different device.

If you’re looking for the next opportunity in online marketing, look at mobile marketing. Think long term, not right now.

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