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Every now and then you’ll hear an Internet marketing guru, or some blogger will write about, the most essential Internet marketing strategies. The idea is to tell people what strategies for marketing online they should be using right now. There is one major flaw in most of these lists or proclamations. That thing is the variability factor.

I wouldn’t say there is any ONE thing that is more important than everything else. Most marketing strategies have their place. The question is, how can YOU employ them effectively in your overall marketing strategy?

Not all businesses are the same. Some will benefit from a hefty social media campaign and others would do well with a strong pay-per-click strategy. Rarely is a case of either/or. That is, to be successful at marketing your business online, you either have to do XXXX or you have to do XXXX. That’s not the case.

That said, most recognized online marketing strategies have at least some value for most marketers. Your ability to put together an overall strategy using the proven tactics that others have used before you means that you have a unique opportunity to position your brand in a powerful way. There are likely as many paths to success as business plans. Your job is to find a path that works for you, fits into your budget, and can take you from Point A to Point B in your marketing strategy.

When you hit upon a successful marketing strategy, you’ll know it. You won’t have to blame it on someone else’s predetermined path.

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