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Every blogger at some point runs out of ideas and has to look for ways to spice up the blog machine. So how do you go about finding things to blog about? Matt McGee knows. He suggests:

  • Question-based keyword research
  • Look at your analytics (what are people reading most, and how are they finding your site?)
  • Q&A websites like Quora and Yahoo! Answers
  • Ask your readers

To be sure, there are more than five ways to find new blog ideas. In fact, there are hundreds of ways to generate ideas for content. Here are ten more ways to find new ideas for your blog content.

  1. Read other blogs in your niche and write about the same topics (be sure you don’t plagiarize or steal the content, and don’t take ideas from the same competitor every time
  2. Find an old post that was popular and write about the same topic from a different angle
  3. Visit a niche article directory; what are the most popular articles about?
  4. Use Google’s Wonder Wheel
  5. Where are your pay-per-click clicks coming from?
  6. Watch a few YouTube videos in your niche
  7. Current events – Is there something going on around the world that you can play off of?
  8. Your Twitter stream
  9. Facebook
  10. Use your RSS reader; scan the headlines till something pops out

As Matt says, there is always something to blog about. Just do it.

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