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Prospecting is something that every business has to do. Methods change, but the prospecting continues. In the last few years, many businesses have found it more profitable to perform their prospecting online.

One online prospector likens the process to gardening. Here’s why:

  • Prospecting is like “growing,” not “killing” – a reference to the war analogy
  • You can’t control everything. Embrace uncertainty because when you are a gardener you deal with Mother Nature and no one controls Mother Nature. You can’t control your prospects either. Nurture them instead.
  • Prepare to be disappointed and surprised. Sometimes what you think is a sure thing turns sour while other things you didn’t think would happen turn into huge successes. That’s cool.
  • Take out the weeds. These are bad employees, worse customers, and other things that can kill your business.
  • Things change. Embrace the change. You can get by without that “necessary” component of your business. Be prepared for the worst and deal with it in reality.
  • Be persistent. Gardening is a little-bit-every-day thing. Never give up on it. If you do, your garden will die (and so will your fruit). Your business is just like a garden. Be persistent.

When you consider that prospecting for new clients is more like gardening than war, you’ll spend some time nurturing your prospects and treating them like a harvest.

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