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The recent problems surrounding JC Penney highlight the need of being vigilant with whom you do business with when it comes to any form of online marketing. While many businesses do a little checking of the people they engage to undertake some of their online activities, I wonder how many businesses check on the actual work itself? Sometimes it pays to have an independent audit done to check on this work.

So who should you be steering clear of? To begin with, anyone who says they are working with a search engine should ring bells. The only people who do work closely with search engines are some pay-per-click managers – and then all they are doing is working with a Google account manager. No one has the inside running when it comes to organic search. There are others that you should stay away from, these include anyone who:

  • Advocates buying links
  • Suggests using automated methods to list in directories – these are generally low quality directories and not really worth the money involved
  • Makes promises when it comes to specific traffic numbers or search positions – no one can be certain of any outcomes online
  • Who is far cheaper than any other service – you will get what you pay for. If they are significantly cheaper, then they may not be doing a complete job.
  • Cannot offer references that you can verify

Of course, you can’t put everyone in the same basket. You may be lucky enough to find someone who is good at what they do, is offering a low price because they are just starting out, and who, for that same reason, doesn’t have any references.  That could be a gamble worth considering – however, just remember JC Penney when you do take that gamble.

Reputable online marketing services will make some promises. For example, they may promise to improve your search rankings and your traffic numbers. A halfway good professional should be able to achieve that. In most cases, if they don’t feel or sound right, then stay away from them – your business is counting on who you engage.

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