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It finally happened. People are now spending more time online than they are on television, and it’s all because of their mobile phones. Actually, it’s all mobile devices. That includes smartphones and tablets.

It’s interesting that online usage (computers and laptops) has remained steady since 2010 while mobile non-voice usage has steadily increased.

By the same token, TV viewing has remained pretty steady. It’s only because mobile usage has increased that total online activities have surpassed TV viewing.

Getting into the nitty-gritty of mobile usage, smartphones and tablets are running neck and neck in 2013. Both technology options have run neck and neck since 2010 with feature phone usage remaining steady. Since both smartphone and tablet usage has increased by more than an hour per day each, the percentage of feature phone usage has dropped to just 7.7%.

Why is any of this important? It’s important because marketers will have to decide where to spend their marketing dollars next year and the year after that. I don’t think mobile phone usage is declining any time soon. Smartphones and tablets will only become more popular.

If you haven’t started thinking about mobile marketing options yet, then you need to start thinking about that right now. QR codes, target=”_blank”>responsive web design, and SMS text messages are just three of your options. There are plenty more. But one thing is clear, mobile marketing is becoming more important.

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