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Social media marketing is a fairly young form of Internet marketing. It has caught on in the last couple of years and doesn’t appear to be just a passing fad. The number of social media websites that are growing and drawing attention to themselves is astounding. And some of the top websites online – Facebook and YouTube – are social media websites.

So when a big name traditional marketing giant like Pepsi abandons TV advertising, and on Super Bowl Sunday to boot, in favor of social media marketing, that’s big news.

Why would Pepsi do this? Well, I can think of a few reasons and I’m trusting they’ve done the math.

  • The Super Bowl’s audience is primarily U.S. households (granted, it’s a lot of households, but when you consider that social media marketing has no geographical boundaries, it’s a rather limited audience)
  • Dollar for dollar, social media marketing can deliver a lot more activity over time than a couple of Super Bowl ads
  • Super Bowl ads run for a very limited time, then – poof! – they’re gone; social media marketing will stick around a lot longer
  • Super Bowl advertising contains no search engine optimization benefit while social media marketing does
  • There is a much bigger chance that social media marketing can lead to Pepsi tapping into new markets than Super Bowl advertising

Let’s look at that last benefit. One of the biggest brands in China is Coca Cola. It’s huge there. Pepsi is hardly known. And the largest social media website in the world is a Chinese website. One very effective social media campaign in China could lead to Pepsi challenging Coca Cola’s hold on the market there.

That’s just one example. There are other markets worldwide where Pepsi is trailing Coca Cola and the younger audiences in almost every country (18-34 year olds) are social media users more than TV viewers.

I think this is a good move for Pepsi. I hope it pays off. If it works out like I suspect it will, Pepsi will have a very good social media story to tell in 2010.

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