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What is the most effective kind of marketing? Permission marketing. You know why? Let’s count the ways.

  1. Permission-based marketing is opt in. It isn’t interruption marketing. Because you have permission from your recipients to contact them, you are marketing to a warm list. That’s always better than going in cold.
  2. With permission-based marketing you have higher response rates. That translates into more revenue for you.
  3. It is less expensive. Look at e-mail marketing. You can send out an e-mail blast to a hot list of 10,000 recipients for the same price that you’d send out to 1,000 recipients.
  4. Permission-based e-mail marketing can be executed in conjunction with other types of marketing to increase its effectiveness. Drive traffic to your website with its powerful design features or get people involved in your nichesocial media site. Send people to your cool new video and close them on the sale.
  5. Permission-based marketing is more flexible. You can do it through e-mail, Twitter, Google or Yahoo! groups, Facebook apps, your YouTube channel, or any combination thereof. And you can combine your efforts with other forms of marketing to increase your overall effectiveness.

The most effective marketers today are using permission-based marketing channels. You should be too.

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