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Are you familiar with the term “persona marketing?” Probably not. I just made it up. But there is such a thing as using personas to market your products and services. It’s nothing new.

Marketers have been using personas for years. It’s your voice. You can create a character with its own persona and write from that character’s point of view or you can use your own natural voice and make that your persona. The key is to create a memorable character, real or imagined, that people can relate to and respond to.

If you create a great persona for your marketing efforts, your content will be unique. And that’s the most important thing your content online should be.

When your content is unique and your target market responds favorably to the persona you’ve created to promote your brand, you’ll increase your visitors, your unique visitors, and your conversions. That’s what marketing is all about – making the most of your marketing opportunities to present your message in a unique manner using a voice that is unique to you and your business. That’s persona marketing in a nutshell.

There’s never been a better opportunity to succeed with persona marketing than there is right now. No matter what business or niche you are in, use your persona to entertain, enlighten, and sell to your target market.

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