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The key to a successful PPC campaign is in your landing page. That’s true whether you are talking about driving traffic to increase your e-mail subscriptions or to sell your downloads. Pay-per-click advertising is only successful if you can get traffic to your landing page and then convert that traffic with a good call to action.

The components to a successful PPC campaign are:

  • Your PPC ad headline
  • Your PPC ad text
  • Your landing page

All three of these components have to add up and when they do you’ll see your conversions increase.

Let’s start with your ad’s headline. It’s got to be an attention grabber. Optimize it with the correct keyword so that it appears on the correct search results page, then make sure it gets the attention of your prospect.

The ad text itself is what will get your prospect to click through to your landing.

But it’s the landing page itself that will close the sale, or get the subscription. It doesn’t have to be long. Sell the benefits, not the features. In other words, include your opt-in box in a prominent location on the page and tell your reader concisely why they should opt in to your newsletter or e-mail list.

When it comes to PPC advertising, sell the benefits and you’ll see your conversions increase.

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