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Internet marketing is a very broad field taking in every online aspect from web design through search engine marketing and on to social media marketing. Whether you need all of these services, or just some components, before shelling out what resources you may have, consider asking these questions first.

  • Do they offer agency support for all search engines – many firms can offer support for Google, but they are not the only player.
  • What sort of training and experience have their consultants had
  • Do their consultants have technical knowledge and expertise of the search engines; again, not just Google
  • Do they have PPC management experience including keyword selection and split testing
  • Do they have access to PPC Beta programs
  • Can they identify and monitor click fraud
  • Can you agree to a month-to-month contract rather than committing to longer periods
  • Can they offer complementary services such as video production and the creation of Facebook Fan Pages
  • Do they have social media marketing experience
  • Can they provide professional reviews or examples of the work
  • Can they guarantee results

The last is almost a trick question. If they do guarantee results, ask them on what basis. In most cases, Internet marketing professionals may offer guarantees on their work, but not necessarily on the results since there are so many uncontrollable variables. If they offer guaranteed results – be wary.

When asking questions of prospective Internet marketing firms, you are looking for two things. Number one, you are looking for a team that is professional and proficient at what they do; and, number two,¬†you are looking for a team that you can comfortably communicate with. The latter is almost as important as the first since poor communication often leads to disappointment and unsatisfactory results. It’s your money and your business – you need the best that you can afford.

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