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No, this is not a Google algorithm change. Rather, it’s a Bing new webmaster tools update. They’re calling it the Phoenix Update.

Fortunately, these tools actually look useful. Here’s a short list of new webmaster tools that Bing is offering webmasters now.

  • New Link Explorer – It’s unclear whether this tool will be as useful as Yahoo!s old link tool, but it looks like it has many of the same features. You can analyze links for any web domain including your own. I sure hope it’s as useful as Yahoo!s was.
  • SEO Reports – Weekly reports to show how you stack up against 15 SEO best practices. I can’t wait to use this one.
  • SEO Analyzer – Scan a page from any of your verified web domains and this tool will analyze that page to see how you measure up against the aforementioned SEO practices.
  • Fetch as Bingbot – See how the Bingbot sees your web pages
  • Canonical Alerts – This tool will let you know if you are using your rel=canonical tags correctly.
  • URL Removal Tool – Just as the name implies, you can block your pages from Bing SERPs.
  • Keyword Research Tool – This makes me wonder if Bing is trying to siphon Google’s keyword research tool traffic. If it’s as useful as Google’s tool, you never know what could happen.

Every now and then Bing introduces something that could have come straight from Google. I think they must have spies working over there.

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