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If you are running a business with an online presence, then social media marketing has to be a part of your strategy. I cannot think of any niche where social media couldn’t be of some benefit, and if ‘Likes’ become the new ‘Links’, then it will become a whole lot more important. However, a social media presence means more than just creating a profile. Here are the six most important internet marketing must do’s.


Your profile is a reflection of your business. It could be one of the first things that visitors look at. Make sure it accurately reflects your business. Don’t spam by linking to sales pages; link them to the most important social pages on your website – don’t have one, get one!


Create as many opportunities for two-way conversation as possible. If you publish a blog, open it up to comments. Don’t forget to edit out the spam and to respond to comments. Likewise, wherever possible, make commenting on social media easy and respond when¬†appropriate. Get that two-way communication going.


Don’t hide, and don’t bury negatives. If there is a negative comment left, respond to it accordingly. Unless legal issues prevail, admit errors and act to remedy them. Be sure that others can see that the issue has been resolved.


If there is more than one person in the business, particularly more than one involved with social media marketing, introduce them, let your visitors and followers know who they are and what their role is. Just as importantly, make sure they identify themselves in any conversations.


Social media marketing is all about communication. Be sure to follow people are important to you.¬†At the same time, if someone you follow starts to spam, unfollow them – don’t help them to spread their trash.


Create content that is suitable for social media. It doesn’t have to be a video or podcast. Creating content on your blog that invokes two conversations is important. Creating a welcome page dedicated to each social media channel can really personalize a new relationship.

Social media marketing is about to become more mainstream so the last thing you need is to be left behind. Start with those six steps and you will be on the right road to success.

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