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If you’re familiar with VOIP technology (Voice Over Internet Protocol) then you’ve likely heard of Skype. While there are more costly VOIP services than Skype, Skype does offer an affordable small business alternative that is hard to argue with. It’s free.

Though Skype has been freeĀ  for the longest time, the company is now providing a pay-per-call service for website owners, which begs the question: If Skype has been free then why would small business owners pay to use it?

It is a good question and the answer is just as good: Because, until now, there has been little motivation for mass use of Skype for individual purposes. The reason is because users have to download the Skype software to their computers in order to make a call. Most people haven’t seen the necessity of doing that just yet.

So why offer Skype on your website then? Because it could give you the competitive advantage and you have nothing to lose.

Since Skype is free to download and free to use, there is nothing to lose in offering it to your customers. Put the Skype button on your website and anyone who has the software on their computer can call you – for free. Customer who don’t have Skype, and don’t want to download the software, can still contact you through current means of contact (contact form, e-mail, 1-800 #, traditional phone, etc.).

The benefit to you is that you can add Skype to your website and it costs you nothing unless someone uses it. They click the button, call you on Skype and you pay only when the call connects. Your customer gets free and immediate attention. It could mean the difference between gaining a sale and losing one.

Learn more about Skype’s pay-per-call service and take your internet marketing to a new level.

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