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It might be too late to make the announcement, but did you know that today is Small Business Saturday? You can learn a little bit more about it on the Small Business Saturday Facebook page.

The sponsors of this movement – American Express – are offering free in-store signage and e-marketing materials. Of course, today is the day so it might be too late to take advantage of some of these offers. But there’s always next year.

Meanwhile, the page was set up to help small businesses take advantage of holiday shopping. Other resources available through the page include:

  • Share An Offer – Which allows you to create an offer for your small business that shoppers can take advantage of.
  • Create A Facebook Page – Free.
  • Create A Video
  • Get Twitter Followers
  • Create A Buzz On LinkedIn – One of the best bets for small business owners.

You can also join the Small Business Saturday e-mail list and forum. That might be a good way to promote your business today, especially if you do any online marketing.

The event is sponsored by American Express. If you accept American Express, why not take advantage of Small Business Saturday. If not this year, then look for it next year.

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