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Did you know Constant Contact has tools to help you grow your e-mail list among smartphone users? It’s true. You can use Text-to-Join to get new list members by texting them and Scan-to-Join to get smartphone users to scan QR codes.

What Is Text-to-Join?

If you use Constant Contact for e-mail marketing, event planning, or even for taking surveys, then you can use Text-to-Join. It’s a free app that allows you to market your events, surveys, and mailing list to smartphone users.

Your customers can send you their e-mail address by text. This will allow you to print advertising messages, market through signage, or use word of mouth to promote your business. And you’ll get more sign-ups by allowing customers to sign up for your lists by text.

What Is Scan-to-Join?

You can publish a QR code in print anywhere – on flyers you place in your store window, on your brochures, wherever you have a message in print. Your customers can scan the QR code with their smartphone and join your mailing list, take your survey, or get event details.

That’s powerful marketing.

Go Mobile Or Go Home

Mobile is here to stay. You can tap into the power of mobile marketing and reach more customers with these two Constant Contact apps. Grow your list and sell more product by reaching smartphone users with smart marketing.

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