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E-mail marketing has been around for a long time and there are lot of companies that have grown good at marketing themselves through e-mail. Even small businesses that might not be doing much else online.

Then there’s social media marketing. Not quite as old as e-mail marketing, but it is just as effective when done right and you might as well go ahead and say it’s here to stay. People are flocking to it in droves and using social media to great effect.

Finally, the two media might be merging. Small business owners, according to an Aweber survey, are interested in the integration of these two Internet marketing mainstays. And the best news is that integrating them successfully isn’t all that hard.

All it takes is providing an opt-in form on your Facebook page or a share button in your e-mail marketing messages. You might even do something like send out notices of your blog posts to your e-mail lists. It works for those companies that are trying it.

Are you a small business owner? Do you do any Internet marketing? How will you integrate social media and e-mail marketing in the coming year?

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