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Online marketing is a big plus for service companies. There are countless examples of companies who have turned to online marketing for increasing their marketing percentage while effectively doing little to increase their marketing outlay. And service companies have an advantage over retail companies that have large inventories to manage.

So what is this advantage?

Here are several ways that service companies have an advantage when marketing online:

  • Can deliver high profit margins with low variable costs
  • It is easier to add new services than to add new products to inventory
  • Stock turnover is unnecessary when the market changes
  • It’s easier to test new markets with online marketing
  • It’s easier to update your website with a new service rather than adding new inventory to your online stock library

Service companies can change to meet new market conditions much more quickly than retail companies with inventories to manage. And that translates to faster online marketing changes and more effective online marketing overall.

Another way that service companies have an advantage online is in handling customer service or sales calls that come in from the company website. Customers that call about a service will have more direct customers that are easier to answer. If a customer has to call about a product on your website then you probably didn’t provide enough information about it. Otherwise, you’d have closed the sale online. With service businesses, on the other hand, every customer is different so you expect the phone call.

If you have a service company and you think you are ready to start your online marketing initiatives, call someone who knows how to market a service company.

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