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Rumors come and rumors go. Occasionally, they stick around and actually become fact. The latest story doing the rounds involves the possible purchase of Twitter by either Facebook or Google. We know that Facebook had a dab at buying Twitter earlier on, but would they try again? And what of Google? We’ll leave others to surmise about these possibilities. What interests me is what effect a sale would have for online marketing activities.

If Facebook were to take on Twitter, I am not sure we would see too many changes in the way Twitter operates. We may see a little more in the way of sponsored tweets, or perhaps even on-page advertising, similar to what we currently see on Facebook. Of more interest perhaps is the possibility of Google making a purchase.

There are any number of possible outcomes should Google win the day. SEO experts would immediately start to look for signs that tweets were having a bigger role in search rankings; they would also look to see if there were changes in the ‘follow – nofollow’¬†attributes on links. It would certainly be interesting days in that area of the online world. Can you imagine either Facebook ads, or Adwords ad units appearing on Twitter? It would certainly change the face of Twitter.

Who ever gains control of Twitter, monetization is going to be one of the key areas that will be investigated. Neither Google nor Facebook want to take on a loss-making machine, so getting Twitter into profit will be one of the first areas they will look at. Whether or not this will open the door for more sponsored tweets will be interesting. Of more interest will be whether or not more traditional onsite advertising appears.

What are your thoughts? Would a buy out of Twitter by either Facebook or Google affect Twitter’s appeal for online marketing?

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