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When it comes to marketing – online or off line – there are two huge mistakes that you never want to make. Whether you are selling through e-mail, writing a blog, or designing a landing page, you don’t want to make either of these mistakes. Even if you are creating a brochure or a print product for distribution, these two mistakes can kill your business before your prospects buy anything.

  1. Subject lines or headlines – Your first big mistake is not writing a compelling headline or subject line. This is perhaps the most important element of your writing. Learn to write good headlines. People will not read anything you write if your headlines and subject lines are boring or misleading.
  2. Calls to action – The second most important element to good copywriting is being able to write a strong call to action. Your call to action closes the sale. You can write a great sales letter, e-mail, blog post, or whatever, and never see a conversion because you didn’t include a call to action, or your call to action wasn’t strong enough.

If you write compelling headlines and subject lines and calls to action that motivate readers to buy from you, you’ll always be in business. These are the tools of successful copywriters – online and off line.

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