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A recent study shows that marketers and ad agencies are pretty close in their ideas about certain marketing tactics like online advertising, video marketing, blog content, and mobile.

I’m really not surprised by these results. I assume that online advertising is a reference to display advertising, but the study doesn’t say. I suppose it could also refer to pay per click marketing. Either way, it seems that ad agencies, and particularly marketers, see a lot of value in this tactic.

More importantly, video marketing has seen a sharp increase among both marketers and ad agencies. A full 12% more marketers are investing in video production while 7% more ad agencies are recommending it. No wonder. It’s an effective way to market online in 2012.

Mobile marketing has taken a huge leap. 30% more marketers are marketing through mobile and 10% more ad agencies are recommending it.

But what about blog content marketing? 1% fewer marketers are using blogs and 1% fewer ad agencies are recommending it. I wonder why. When you consider the SEO benefits of blog content, the long term reputation management benefits, and the branding benefits that blogging has to offer, I wonder why more ad agencies aren’t recommending blog management and why aren’t more marketers going that route?

It could be a perception that the blogosphere is oversaturated, but even if so, it’s quite effective in terms of driving traffic and engagement for brands that are using it. Video is good, mobile is good, and advertising is good, but so is blogging. What are your thoughts?

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