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If you’re not on Google+ yet, you are likely well behind the eight ball. If you’re not on Google+ by the end of next year, then you may not exist. Products like Google+ Dashboard are the reason why.

The Dashboard was just introduced yesterday, but the features are incredible. I would say they fall into the “must-have” category.

  • The ability to update all of your business’s contact information (website URLs, store hours, phone numbers, etc.) across Maps, Search and Google+ – all from one central location called Overview Tab.
  • One place to monitor Google+ notifications, assign page managers, share photos and videos, and start Hangouts with followers.
  • At-a-glance access to AdWords Express and Offers campaigns for local businesses.
  • Awesome analytics data such as top searches for your business, top locations requesting driving directions, and performance data for your Google+ posts.

It looks like Google is trying to push businesses to use Google+ more, which is a good thing. If you aren’t using it already, you should. I can see a day where your business will be invisible if it doesn’t have a Google+ presence, and that day may not be far off.

Do your business a favor and join Google+ today. Improve your visibility online.

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