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Do you have free giveaways on your website? If not, why not?

Free giveaways, if you give it some thought, actually aren’t free. They do cost you money and you should get something of value in return. So what does that mean exactly?

Let’s say you own an auto body shop. You provide dent and pain repair and also perform basic automotive services like tire rotations, tune ups, oil changes, and fixing flats. What if you wanted to increase your business over the long term? What could you provide for free in exchange for something of value that you receive in return?

You could give away a free tune up in exchange for an e-mail address so that you could send out your weekly auto maintenance newsletter. Or you could give away a coupon for a fixing a flat tire free of charge when a new customer purchases a more expensive service like getting their vehicle painted. The coupon could be delivered by e-mail upon payment through your website when the new customer schedules their appointment.

There are all kinds of ways to make giving away free products and services work for you. You just have to think creatively. But the truth is, it works. And you should be doing what works.

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