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Does “content is king” mean the same thing in 2011 as it meant in 1995? Is content still king?

This is a question that pervades almost every single discussion on web design, Internet marketing, and search engine optimization. What is content and what makes it king?

Traditionally, content referred specifically to your on-page content – keywords, text, images, etc. But the broader view is that content is anything you produce that is tangible in an online environment and that produces intangible results. In essence, content is both on page and off page. It includes links, videos, and might even in some situation refer to code.

Content moves beyond design elements. Simply having a website with a pretty header and a nice layout is not content. Filling it with images that pop, content that sells, and videos that rip roar and demand attention, that’s count. Writing articles and guest blog posts for other Web properties that link back to yours and drive steady traffic to your site, that’s content too. Bookmarking your pages and networking with others through Facebook and LinkedIn, that’s content too. And content IS king.

It’s important that webmasters not get too wrapped up in definitions, but you should take a broader view of content. And crown the king.

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