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You’ve been told you need to write great content in order to achieve high search engine rankings. So what do you do? Do you sit down and brainstorm topics so you can figure out which topics constitute great content? Do you hire a ghostwriter with 30 years experience in writing marketing sales letters to help you write great content? Or do you just write a few blog posts then start link building?

All of those answers are wrong.

Great content is hard to define because everyone has their own ideas about what it means. Is it accurate information? Is it well-written prose? Is it content that meets a real human need? Yes, it’s all of those. It’s none of them.

Great content is in the eye of the beholder, but it doesn’t have to be well-written. It can be poorly written as long as it makes a connection with its audience. In that regard, it could be two paragraphs of real gut-wrenching drama.

There is one thing that all great content has in common. It attracts attention to itself. Great content usually inspires others to link to it. Without prompting. In other words, you don’t have to send out requests for links to all your social media friends. You write the content, get it indexed, and it gets noticed. Then the links start to flow in.

If you see yourself starting to get links from every corner of the web because you wrote something on your blog or website, chances are, you just created great content. Figure out why people are linking to it and do it again.

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