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Heatmapping consists of making a visual display of data or information using colors of the spectrum to illustrate degrees or values along a pre-defined continuum. In other words, it’s a colorful graph that helps you analyze specific data. It is often used by eye tracking specialists to help webmasters and web publishers view their website traffic and the places on their web pages that get the most views.

Eye tracking has become very important for a number of reasons. Some analytics packages allow web publishers to use eye tracking software to gain data about which elements of a page get the most reads.

So how does eye tracking help?

If you have an opt-in box, for instance, in the upper left corner of your web pages and you want to see if your website visitors are looking at your opt-in box and deciding not to enter their e-mail addresses and sign up for your newsletter, then eye tracking can help you make that determination. Or, if you employ any type of advertising on your page and you get paid by the click, then eye tracking can help you determine the best place on your web pages to put your ads.

That’s just two uses for eye tracking. The heatmap generated by your eye tracking code helps you get a visual understanding of your website views and where your site visitors are spending their time on each page. You can get this information at a glance.

If you understand the elements of your web pages that get the most attention from your site visitors, then you can make your website more profitable.

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