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Quora, the question & answer website that has developed quite a following, now has a new tool for serious web promoters. It’s called a Quora Board.

So what is a Quora Board?

The concept is really simple. You set up a board around a specific topic that is associated with your business. Then you post links to that board and promote it to your followers.

It’s important to note that you can go through your Quora account followers and add as many of them as you want as followers of your Quora board when you set it up. Your followers then have to opt out if they don’t want to follow your board. That’s makes it a really easy marketing tool.

But keep your board focused. Don’t post spurious links are off-topic posts. If you blog often, post your blog links. You can also post other relevant and interesting third-party content (and you should) relevant to your board. Make your board a place where people interested in your topic will want to hang out and get the latest information from.

Quora boards are yet another social media tool that you can use for your business benefit.

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