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Autoresponders are nice tools. They allow you to capture the contact information of your prospects and communicate with them automatically based on their given permission. The way they work is really simple.

Your client fills out a web form on your website. The contact information for that lead goes into a database, which you can access at any time via web-based login. Immediately upon filling out your web form, the contact receives an autoresponder message at the e-mail address they gave you in the contact form. If they are opting in to a subscription, then there will be a link they can click on to verify their e-mail address. If they do not click, they receive nothing further from you. If they do click, you have a contact for life (or until they unsubscribe).

While this technology is awesome, it’s barely the scratch of the surface on what autoresponders can do. You can program an autoresponder to send messages to each contact at specific intervals. Those pre-written messages will be sent out on each timed trigger you program into the autoresponder.

Lead management is something you can’t afford to miss out on. With the proper website design and marketing advice, you can keep your leads in constant check.

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