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When it comes to marketing yourself online, do you know the most important ingredient in a sound Internet marketing plan? Is it SEO? How about a large budget? Driving traffic? Targeted traffic? Analytics?

How about, None Of The Above.

When it comes to Internet marketing, the most important thing is your reputation. Yes, your online reputation. Guard if ferociously.

The reason I say reputation is the most important aspect of Internet marketing is because once you lose trust and credibility with your audience, that’s it. You can win it back, but it’s a long, hard road uphill. And one you don’t want to climb.

People online would rather do business with someone they know and trust than someone with a great product that has no credibility. If you have a solid reputation online then your Internet marketing efforts will go a lot more smoothly. You’ll get more doors to open. And you’ll be a lot more successful. That’s about how it works off line too, isn’t it?

I guess you could say some things transfer very well from the real world to the virtual world. Internet marketing is a lot like traditional marketing. It’s the technology that is different.

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