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Matt McGee shares that he recently published a blog post on Sunday, a time when most experts say is the worst time to publish a blog post. But is it really?

I have to concur with Matt’s conclusion. There’s no best time to publish a blog post.

Well, actually, there is. It’s when you publish it. There’s no better time than the moment you get the idea, write the post, and hit Publish. Why wait?

You can spend all your time thinking about the best time to publish your content, or just write it and publish it. Planning doesn’t involve second-guessing when people are going to share your stuff, bookmark it, send it to their friends, or sit on the pot with their tablet and take it all in. They’ll share, send, read, and retweet when it’s convenient for them. Your job is to simply write and publish – on your own time.

I fully believe in editorial calendars. You can plan a month out all of your content – and you should. Plan to publish your material at the most apropos time in conjunction with important events and in sync with your community’s goings on. But be flexible. Allow it to change if necessary.

But quit thinking your blog posts have to go out on a certain day or at a certain time each day to be most effective. It’s not true.

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