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Web writers are not hard to find, but if you want a solid one – a good one – then you have to look in the right places. Where do you go to find a good Web writer?

First, determine your goals. What do you want the content your writer will create to do for you? Is it going to be online sales copy? Blog posts? Information-only writing? Technical? The skills your Web writer possesses will need to be in concert with the tasks you want them to perform.

After you’ve made the determination about the type of writing you require, sign up for an account at one of the many freelance websites online. Run an ad for a Web writer based on the goals you determined in the above step. Be sure to spell out specifically the skills you are looking for and the type of work you expect your Web writer to perform.

You can also run a Craigslist ad, but weed out your candidates very carefully. Craigslist is a hit or miss proposition.

I’d also recommend hanging out in writers forums. Since most of the people in these forums will be writers, they’ll be a bit more loose, sort of like an after work bar time situation. That’s a good thing. It allows you to get a little more personal before you hire them. Do they really have the skills you need? Are they the kind of person you can associate with?

Good luck in your search for a Web writer. When you find one you can live with, guard him with your life.

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