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The new buzzword in online marketing is “content marketing.” It’s a curious phrase because many veteran SEOs and Internet marketers don’t really see a difference between the new content marketing and what they’ve been doing for years. The truth is, there is a subtle difference.

Search engine optimization is the process of writing content in such a way that you improve its ability to rank in the search engines. That’s a kind of content marketing, but the term “content marketing” is actually a broader, more encompassing term.

Content marketing actually involves other types of content.

If you post videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites, then you’re engaged in content marketing. If you share your images on Pinterest, you’re performing a content marketing task. If you’re doing any kind of link building or maintaining social media accounts, then you’re involved in content marketing.

Infographics are a type of content marketing too. Graphs and charts, if published on the Internet (or even in print, I suppose), are a type of content marketing.

If you write guest posts, build Squidoo Lenses and HubPages, and publish articles on Web properties you don’t own, even if you don’t get a link back to your website, that’s content marketing.

It’s called content marketing because it requires that you first create content (in any form) then push that content out on the Internet (and other places) so that you reach a desired audience. If you expect your audience to then find you in hopes that you can do business with them, then you’re doing content marketing.

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