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About every two or three years a new development in Web technology takes the Internet – and Internet marketing – to a new level. In 1995, Yahoo! offered us a web directory that made finding websites a whole lot easier. In 1998, Google arrived on the scene with its interesting new algorithms.

Shortly after that, pay per click advertising was introduced. PPC, however, would not really take off until around 2001.

By 2003, it was clear that social bookmarking was going to be a big part of Internet marketing. In 2005, YouTube made us all video marketers. Then, just a couple of years ago we all started getting into Facebook and Twitter. Social networking was a necessity for anyone trying to market themselves online.

Mobile technology is just taking off. But I think Google TV will surpass all of these previous technologies and will make the Internet even more ubiquitous than it is today.

Google TV was introduced just this year so it hasn’t really caught on yet, but I think it’s only a matter of two or three years before the popular conscience sees it as a useful tool. Then, everyone will want it. And when everyone wants it then it will be hard for serious Internet marketers to ignore. I think it will happen before 2013. Google TV will transform Internet marketing into a full multimedia experience. Now is the time to start preparing for that inevitability.

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